Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yes, More TN Pics..

Anna got to go on stage with Jon, that was very special!

Jon's booth after the performance..

More TN Pics

A few stage pictures, the last one is Jon singing Blessed Assurance

More TN Pics

Jon and Bill after his song..

Jon singing with the group..

Anna and her new friend Sonya Isaacs..


We had an awesome time in TN. We didn't relax much but really were too excited to do that anyway. Jon sang on Saturday night, a solo, Because He Lives and received a standing ovation well before the song was over. On Sunday night he sang again with the entire Gaither group on stage and then stood and did the last solo of the night, Blessed Assurance, of course another standing ovation. We appreciate all of your thoughts and we are thankful for the prayers, we needed them, I won't bore you with the details..But our God is always victorious if we give Him the reigns! Jon's table was mobbed with people and he sold MANY cd's and dvd's. I would say the best part was meeting people from all over, Sweden, Brazil and numerous other states and hearing there stories and being blessed because of the evidence of God working in all of our lives. Jon loved being a part of it all and all the artist were so nice, I can't even explain how welcome we felt, and they all encouraged Jon continually throughout the whole thing. Anna became a little star herself, she loved the music and has made a new friend, Sonya Isaacs, lead singer and mandolin player for The Isaacs, they are awesome, check them out... She also became quite friendly with the boys from Signature Sound and was star struck when the leader, Ernie kissed her cheek:) They gave her a tshirt and she has worn it every chance she gets! She put away the Jon Sheptock tshirt.:) Sadie had a fun time also and her favorite part was riding rides at a mini carnival we went to twice. The girls were both great and we put them through some very late nights and no naps! We are so thankful for all of the friends and family who came and helped. We wouldn't have been able to make it through without them. Another wonderful thing is Jon's mom was able to come. We were so happy to see her and Jon had a very special time with her. Okay, now some pictures...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring Break in Biloxi, MS

I wanted to share a few pictures of our Spring Break trip to Biloxi to see Vera and Jack. We had a great time and the girls LOVED the beach!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's been a LONG Time

Time has flow by.. So much has been going on with ALL of us. The girls have been busy growing up. Anna has been very busy playing soccer w/her daddy as her coach and Sadie has just been growing teeth and more personality everyday. She copies everything her big sister does and they are both simply amazing little girls. Jon's music career is taking off and we've been through lots of changes with everything going on. It's all very exciting and our main focus is to keep God first in all of our decisions. I have SEVERAL pics to post and I'll start with Anna's birthday party. She's 6 now! I can't believe it. She invited her kindergarten class and a few others. It was a Tinker Bell party, we had lots of fun. Most of you already know but those who don't, we're having another baby!! Jon didn't really believe it until I went to the doctor:) We're all very excited and feel very blessed God is giving us another child.