Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation & New Glasses for Anna!!!

We are so proud of Anna! She graduated Kindergarten from Alpha Omega Academy. She had such a wonderful year partly because of the fact that God sent us the most amazing teacher, Mrs. Smith and partly because Anna LOVES school. At the end of the year they asked her her favorite thing about school and while most kids said art or recess, Anna told them everything! She has learned so much, she can read small books and is also adding, subtracting, and doing word problems. Here are a few pictures of the big day. Sadie was sick so she didn't get to join us for the ceremony:( Anna also now wears glasses. I think she looks so beautiful in them. At first she cried because she really didn't want to wear them but now she thinks they are quite the fashion statement!

Anna receiving her diploma from Mr. "D" the headmaster..

Mrs. Smith putting Anna's medal on her..

Anna and her two friends Kathren and Tatum

Anna and her cousin Eric who also graduated but couldn't keep his cap and gown on long enough for a picture..

Anna and her friend Daniel..


Ginny said...

Oh Anna, Congratulations!! You are smart, beautiful, and have such a precious heart for Jesus. Look out world!! We are all so proud of you.

Your glasses are adorable. I just love them!

Sending you lots of love from New Jersey,
Ginny, Hock and Grace

نهر الحب said...

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ginny said...

Daniel is CUTE!! Hmmm...I can see a little of Hock and myself in that picture (minus 26 years or so). He has my vote of approval. :)

Beyla said...

Good for people to know.

marjorie said...

Hi Sheptock Family. . . .It's been about 3 years since I last saw you in Albertville, Alabama. . .I just want to tell you just HOW MUCH I enjoyed your program. . . .You are an amazing person, I have been looking at your beautiful family. . .I'm sure you and your beautiful wife are sooo proud of those lovely girls ! ! ! ! I hope that one day I can see you again. . .Marjorie Hall( Mom of Tim Hall, Music Minister of Albertville First Baptist)
PS Did you hear of the tornado that hit Albertville ???
Much damage was done. . .but no lives lost. .This was amazing ! ! !God is Good, All the time !V!V!